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Simple Improvements For Better Reading Of Stats In Mod Configuration Screen


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For some reason the stats are placed somewhere in the space between the installed mods (slots) and available mods with center text align and basically no gaps between each stat and value, i.e. see the current version below.




What I made is:


1) Moved the whole list to the left near the scroll bar so it looks as anchored to particular element in UI (unlike current "random" placement) - in case there is less stats, it should be aligned to the top let point


2) Changed the text align to left to improve readability (if I recall properly the previous UI did this right, but then they decided to put stat into bottom right corner...)


3) Made a small gap after each stat and value again to improve readability and divide the stats from each other (from the harder to read mess we have there now)


4) Added color coding to clearly see what improves and what not (and forgot about the Conclave... guess I don't really care about PVP :))




What do you think?

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