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Auction Starting:very Rare Red Lion,nazu,the Crimson Purple King Of Sunika Kubrows,red Color,blue Lotus And Stripes Patterns All Over His Body!

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                                                                               [CLOSED - SOLD]


-Obs:The imprints of Nazu are sold only together (2)


A fabulous Sunika Kubrow with rare colors and patterns .He can be your best soldier and companion at the most dificult missions .His name is Nazu and he can be yours ,take a look ,draw your own conclusions .Kazu is a rare species that is not seen around for a long time.The Crimson Purple King of the Sunika Kubrows !





-Patterns:Blue Lotus Symbol and Stripes





-Imprints available: 2


-Starting Bid:400 PL

-Current BId:400 PL Aikjo

-Current Bid:450 PL


-Bidder:Swaggermeistress New:(----------------) ~>(CLOSED - SOLD)


-Buyout Price: 1000 PL (CLOSED - SOLD)


-This Auction ends in 5 days.

-Purposes only through message.

-Bids only here in the topic.

-Happy Bidding!




-Below are the certification of rarity of the Nazu colors .As you can see , the purplish color it was not even announced yet :




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Pretty sure thats a black Lotus pattern.


It´s blue , if you have any questions I can show it so I finished cloning it . Take a better look , and , son I will be able to log in and update new pictures ^^.

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Those stripes on the kubrow are actually part of the Lotus symbol, every kubrow I`ve seen including mine have the same kind of stripes.

With stripes people mean the tiger stripes.

It has not only the stripes lotus symbol, it has stripes in the back of your body, the x-mark .

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