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Fossa - Venus, Jackal Assassination [Stuck Outside The Ship]


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HI! PC player here (since March 2003)

I just tried going after the Jackal (a boss I'd defeated at least 100 times before)

and for the first time I saw this new starting area outside the ship! Looked great!


4 of us were in squad

but neither could advance from the first door

the force field wouldn't let us through


the consoles didn't work (couldn't be activated)

and there was no other way in


took some picture for proof:

XgQt6ItE.jpg OZn6fzlP.jpg T2HaI17N.jpg nYyUZebx.jpg hv45h4Ai.jpg fxcT1xRD.jpg 2R3Y1uUf.jpg i8exBIqO.jpg


Thank you in advance, DE

You guys are awesome!

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well I was in queue to Fossa

the countdown was in queue for the Jackal assassination.

So we have 2 problems:

- the game redirected my mission to something else than the countdown showed

- that something else, be it a dark sector map or something else, did not let us move forward

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