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Crossflip's Shop Thread - Grey/black Raksa, Arcane Vanguard, Rare Mods & Prime Bits

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one imprint left, going for 40 plat


arcane vanguard, phoenix, locust, swindle for 80 plat



I have most of the older rare mods like including multishot mods, ability mods, etc.

I also have quick thinking, focus energy, and a few other newer mods for sale.


prime parts (all 5 plat each)


ankyros prime gauntlet

boar prime bp,barrel, receiver

braton prime bp,barrel,stock

bronco prime bp

burston prime stock

dakra prime blade, handle

frost prime bp, chassis, helmet

latron prime bp, receiver, stock

lex prime receiver

mag prime bp chassis helmet

orthos prime blade

paris prime bp, grip, lower limb, string

reaper prime handle


Pm for details

Currently not interested in trades, looking for platinum. If you have a decent sahasa/huras imprint i might be interested tho. Thanks


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