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Many Melee Weapons Have Attacks That "slide Over" Enemies


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This happens especially to enemies who fell on the ground, or Chargers in general.


Some attacks, most noticeably slide attacks, can make your character "slide over" the enemy instead of colliding properly to connect the attack. This can be extremely annoying when in a mob since you want to create an AoE attack with a single spin, but instead slide over ALL OVER THEM and hit none. This also happens to lots of combos where the Tenno is pushed forward, such as Eleventh Storm's Striking Thunder combo (Sword and Shield) with its last shield bash.


My suggestion is simple: make the collision box more appropriate so that this kind of sliding over doesn't occur, so that when we use our makeshift distance closing attacks, they actually hit enemies.


EDIT: This also makes you slide over some crates.

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