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How To Fix Disruption Aura Once And For All


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Hey guys,


Now, let me blow off some steam by saying that I hate the Disruption Aura with a passion. It is quite fine in flat big tiles because you can evade it in seconds, however in close quarters or highly vertical tiles it is incredibly annoying as any frame I play because we rely on our abilities for late game regardless what they may be.


So here is my suggestion on how to fix those annoying auras and still keep the punishing.


Upon entering the aura you have 1 second to get out of it before your shield gets taken by 1/3, then after 1.5 seconds the next 1/3 gets taken (from original amount not current left) and then after another 2 seconds your shield will be completely gone.


Following this (2 seconds delay) after another second your abilities are locked for 20 seconds.


In my opinion this keeps the Disruption Aura highly dangerous but leaving some leniency for a (very steep) learning curve.



What do you think?

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This is more or less how I felt it should work as well. In it's current state Mag damage/auras are both poorly telegraphed and extremely punishing to any frame that isn't an Iron-skinned Rhino. On that note I believe that the Mag aura should disrupt active abilities effecting your frame, such as Blessing, Invisibility, or the aforementioned Rhino, making it a threat to all frames while removing the long-term punishment of completely draining the energy pool.


Although 20 seconds seems like a drastic amount of time to prevent ability usage, I'd say anywhere from 5-10 seconds is more than enough to make it dangerous without being too extensive.

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