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Kubrow Death Bug In Missions?


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I equipped my level 17 Kubrow and took it on some of those Grineer vs. Corpus invasion missions on Jupiter this morning. On the first mission 5/5 on Carpo. No problems my Kubrow didn't die of anything (His a buff pup).  However, when the second invasion on Callisto I started up the 1st out of 5 missions and my Kubrow didn't load up but his health was maxed out for the whole mission. Yet he wasn't there (I have him equipped I checked otherwise he would not be on my upper right health and stuff corner of my screen). After the mission I checked to see if my Kubrow was equipped and I check his heath 60%? It was 100% an hour ago when I logged on and he never died today so he was at 100% loyalty and 80% health... so I started up the next part of the mission and he didn't load again, so I aborted the mission and checked his health and loyalty again... 20%. loyalty REALLY!?!? Reallly, wow. My Kubrow dead 2x, disappeared, but in reality it never loaded him.  I am really irritated by  this bug it is one of those that gets under my skin. This better be fixable and I hope I don't have to spend 3 days getting his Loyalty back up to 100%. This is bizarre. Anyone else have this problem? 

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