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Kubrow Loses 40% Loyality On Death.


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Did one mission  - he died - went to heal ( sunika) - and she was down by 40%.


You can only restore 20% per "play".



Which makes it  only 3 deaths every 2 days max if u want it to be useful.


Was it a hidden change in the hotfix ( like dna stuff going from 40% to 20%)

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I don't understand. Kubrow deaths have always resulted in 40% loyalty loss. 


You can replenish loyalty by 20%/interaction with your kubrow which you get 3/day for a total of 60%/day (resets at daily reset time). So yes you get 3 deaths every 2 days to keep it at +100% damage but I wouldn't call less than +100% not useful as long as you still receiving bonus damage (though I don't know why DE even bothered calling it bonus damage when most players are going to just see it as not max damage).


Also DNA stability always has degraded by 20% per day (under the same rules as daily reset).

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DE really needs to change this DNA degradation and Loyalty system. It would be better if you had to use a DNA stabilizer once every week and that interactions were not limited to three per day. And also, when a Kubrow gets into a bleeding state, a marker needs to be shown on screen to lead you to the Kubrow like for players who get hit and fall into a bleeding state. Its really hard to keep track of where the Kubrow keeps running off to.


In fact, I will make a topic about this.

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