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Warframe Textures - What Do You Want To See More Of?


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Greetings Tenno


I just had to note this in a thread, there is one in particulair that I cannot get enough of when playing warframe. The one and only, that will make me stop and gaze towards the west.


There are a lot of them in the game, hidden, left behind, not so well seen when rushing through. But when you are tired of that, and want to take a closer look at what warframe really has to offer. Then this is some of the stuff you will notice: (bump mapping, limited due to higher usage?)




This texture is seen on some weapons aswell, but only fractions of it.





So basically, my question and hope is. What is you'r favourite? Which ones have you come across that took you'r concentration for a sec? And also, more of this texture, I'd love to see in the future. Im glad it's back. (It used on Earth tileset alot, but does not look quite as goon on a black surface from recent Eris update and old Venus/corpus Ice tilesets.)


"What do you want to see more of?"




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