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Stalker 2.0 Or How To Make Powers More Worthy In The Game (Kinda Ai Concept)


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This is a post about changing the gameplay in order to give to warframe powers a better place in the game. 


It mostly concerns some bosses and, more particularly, the Stalker. 


Nobody ever felt like this whole "huehue it doesn't work on me" thing was just meh ? How about giving some epic feel to battles of this kind ? 




Here is my rework for the Stalker fight : 



1 : no pure immunity to powers. 


Resistance, why not. Or animated immunity.


Examples :


- Stalker disables your invisibility by unleashing a 17m radius shock wave. The "shadow wave", or commonly named "dispel" only works if you are in contact with the ground or in a 8m radius from the Stalker.

This thing works on abilities like invisibility, hall of mirrors, snow globe, electric shield... aka duration skill.


- He can avoid the Molecular Prime by teleporting out of range (implying he is not busy with a player, here is the true mutation that I'm suggesting), Rhino stomp and Sound Quake by jumping, Miasma by Dispel...


Possibilities are multiple !



2 : Stalker's Stamina.


Stalker can block some projectiles and attacks with his scythe, including Ember's fire balls, Volt's shocks, etc. The thing is that a rain of bullet or powers should make him weak if well sustained.


Let's say he possesses a 200 pt stamina bar. Blocking a bullets takes him 2pts, blocking a power takes him 10pts, blocking a melee attack takes him 20 pts.


- If he goes below 100 stamina, he will try and adapt, taking more range to "play safe" => he won't use Slash dash but will be more likely to use teleport, and his Dread bow. 


- If he goes below 50 stamina, he will be unable to dodge and will loose efficiency on the "Dispel reflex". It's basically a "panic state". He will act more agressively, shooting directly but avoiding using his scythe. He will mostly use his Despair kunais in this state, which is also the only reason for him to unleash "Absorb". 


- If he hits zero stamina, he will suffer from a -very quick- stun but then will activate his - new ability - : "Burnout"

He unleashes a magnetic wave on a 15m radius, that will empty our shields and disable our powers for 5 sec (/!\ it doesn't empty the energy bar /!\), knock us back, and refill 50% of his stamina. 





3 - Your thoughts here 


- i'll update this part with good ideas from the community to improve this concept - 




4 - Bonus : the new disruption


The extreme energy drain that we suffer a lot in more and more missions, should be exclusive to infested Ancient Disruptors. 


Units like the stalker, some bosses, shock eximi, should use the variant of the disruption wave I suggested above (part 2) : block our powers, empty our shield and prevent it's regen for 5 sec, but doesn't empty the energy bar. 


- bonus 2 : This rework can be kind of applied (and modified) for more regular enemy types, to give more dynamism to gameplay, and to make powers an actual part of the game. Something enemies can deal with, not something enemy has to disrupt if he wants a chance to survive. Imagine some enemies who would only take damage from behind or would be resistant (not immune) to crowd control, etc. 











That's all folks, please leave some feedback and suggestions ! Everything is subject to change. What I want is a game where I can use my powers against every enemy with a chance for it to work, and a (small ?) chance for the enemy to counter it. 

It would probably need a lot of work, and an overhaul of the energy system, but I'm pretty sure it would make the game more awesomestier.


deal with the awesomestier even if this word doesn't exist

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