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Melee Weapons Vs Grineer Missions


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The first thing I would like to point out about this thread, is that these observations have been tracked at the lowest possible level (i.e. Mercury) as a consistent problem.


/thread start


Inside the Spoiler is a history proving I know what I'm doing.

I've been playing Warframe for a very long time. I started back when Alienware Arena was giving out codes for the closed BETA. I played on and off until Open Beta, wherein I made a new account to get a different starting frame since everything adopted over to mods. I have since played, bought Master level, reset during the one time optional reset, played some more off and on, and grinded my way back to account level 8. Mind you, I spent 3 months playing with max rank weapons/frames so I stayed at 50% of rank 7 for a very long time.


Warframe really picked up for me when I met and started playing with a semi-infamous player, Smith0rz. I learned a lot about movement, melee, and abusing the melee system with the movement system to break the game and go where one should not go. I even helped create the initial melee 'coptering' technique which was adopted, modified and converted into the 'zoren coptering' technique. Check

if you wish to see my pre-zoren copter technique.


Onto the actual problem. Equipping yourself to have ONLY a melee weapon (yes I know this sounds odd, but some people just want to be a melee ninja) makes Grineer missions near impossible to complete correctly/legitimately. The 'semi-new' Sensor Doors that were added presently make this a feat of strength. The problem is there is no way to kill the sensor bar without abusing the movement system. With Corpus cameras, one can simply do a sprint jump spinning attack. The corpus sensors are too high for this, and most attempts to hit it result in you simply launching through the door. The only way I've found so far to successfully destroy the sensor is to do a sprinted wall run beside the door, cancel into a backflip, then attempt to do a spin attack at the sensor. I say attempt, as it seems to have a higher chance of simply doing a forward ground attack, causing you to miss the sensor, and go through the door draining all your energy, and consuming some shields/hp.


Admittedly I have seen a glitch where a spin attack gets you through the shield unhindered, but that doesn't help when you're using a Kubrow. The main factor that led me to creating this thread, was having to watch my Kubrow die from standing in the door way as I tried to break the sensor and failed, unable to get back to it in time to resurrect it. (My mods aren't leveled yet, but this does not detract from the main point.)


The true issue here seems to be that melee attacks only track the X and Y axis of the camera, and no matter the amount of attempts to rectify this via settings in game, no fix could be found to make melee attacks track the Z axis of the camera. I even tried the Silva and Aegis throw attack from blocking and it STILL did not work.


tl;dr/Summation - My problem/feedback is this. Is there a way to make melee attacks track the Z axis of the camera, and if not, can one be added (obviously on a toggle) to help fix this. It's not just an issue with these doors, some bosses and enemies would be easier to kill, and it gives melee users a way to play with greater control, not needing to have auto targeting on at all.

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