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Where The Heck Did All My Stuff Go?



As the title implies, All of my stuff seems to be missing!


I stopped playing on ps4 a couple months ago or so after building my ember frame and took a break. Come back and for some reason my Ash and Ember are gone (along with Mag which i started with) and am stuck with an Excalibur and with 50 plat along with an empty enemy section in codex among other things..


Did the game wipe? Is this an error? I literally just got back in today so I'm not too sure about what is going on. If anyone can fill me in I'd appreciate it.



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huh, alright...has support been improved? ingame chat has said its pretty bad...I wonder if this is an isolated incident.


There's a lot of stuff going on right now. They're just overloaded with stuff to do. Give 'em a bit, they'll get to you eventually if you send in the ticket.

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