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Wts Red, Black And Grey Sahasa Lotus Kubrow

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Name: Umi

Gender: Female

Breed: Sahasa

Design: Black Lotus with red outline and black streaks across sides. Red belly and black paws. Light red eyes. Wont know size until she is matured. But will keep this updated once she is.





Lets start the bidding at 80p. This is a 3 day auction. Buy out is 900p. Both imprints will be ready as soon as she matures. Happy bidding :)


Current highest bid: 450p - TheNexusHD


For any of you wondering, she SHOULD be matured either tomorrow at reset or the next day at reset.  I will be rushing both imprints as soon as she is matured and if you win I will be messaging you on here and in game to set a time we can trade.

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