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With the influx of double platinum scammers and the subsequent thievery that is occurring I wonder....why don't we have access, IN-GAME, to important information that DE needs to relay to its players? Warnings about potential and current scams, pre-update info, etc. We have a "News" option included in the Alerts and Operations menu, but it is always blank. Perhaps placing current info on the initial loading screen is an option (there are only so many times you need to read already-released update details.) Also, trying to warn people in the ticker-tape chat channels is futile as well.

Only a small percentage of the PS4 community reads the forums. I believe if there is a situation that arises that DE needs to immediately address such as these scams or DDOS attacks, it would be beneficial for that information to be accessible where the larger player-base would notice -- while logging in or in-game.

Just telling players to report those trying to scam is only a band-aid. The report ticket system is overloaded, and meanwhile, the number of scammers grows like weeds, and so do their victims.

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