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Rank 0 Excalibur Character Seeks Clan


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So I just started playing this game 2 weeks ago, and I already starting to understand this game little by little, tho I consider myself even below the beginners..

but I was looking for a clan to join, so I could have team mates that are more experienced in this game and like to help others get better, as I still struggle a lot with this game.

Contact me ingame or on steam(if you have that) if you would recruit me for your clan






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Im not really into this whole clan structure thing and i kinda get annoyed by those rushers. Always gets this competitive feeling which i dont really like if u are pve.

So if u want to take it slow you can add me. ;-)

Oh, nvm.

My ghost clan has currently 2 members. Haha. :-D

Maybe one addition, i am living in europe, just for timezone management. ;-)

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you know what you had me when you said you get annoyed by those rushsers :P

invite me to your clan if you wish.. I will be happy to be a member, I have to say I might get an invitation from a friend, I'm not sure about him though and how serious he is.
so probably best chance is with your clan at this moment. invite me if you wish.  

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