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Long Story Short...


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DE YOU BETTER NOT DO THAT AGAIN... >_>  Made by: Deadinflict and AnActualPool


This is a small thread that consists of people finishing other's sentences!



- No profanity
- Only one word per post
- keep it PG-13



Best of luck gents!


The Nudity End. When The End. you PsychedelicSnake End. I Nope. Honorificabilitudinitatibus What? When it's all over over. The %!& your over rainbow dog bro hug is my ogre nickname not . One working man robot what is life Megasnail this is Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis near Deadinflict is sexy nigh. What way goes to space? Wrong I failed the dinosaur. Why ? Because he has no place in society heaven is figment of bage! unicorns without the

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