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Questions About Venka, Kunai And Vectis



What mods should i get for them?

On my vectis I am running serration, point strike, charged chamber, metal auger, split chamber. Should i increase the crit damage... get more crit or should i focus on getting some elemental damage and which ones?


On the venka i got spoiled strike, pressure point and fury,,, apart from that no idea what to do could use help on this one.


On kunai i am using hornet strike, seeker, barrel diffusion, no return and the rest i dont know.


If you guys can help me that would be great ;D

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Vectis: http://goo.gl/ASEIzB

This is a common grineer build, you can change to Corrosive for infested or Magnetic/Toxic for Corpus

Venka: http://goo.gl/vIG3mB

Same as above, you may change the elemental combos as you desire (reach here is just because I hate the range on the weapon but it's just a personal pref.)

Kunai: http://goo.gl/P4AhyU

Here you just need straight up damage, you can put 2 elemental combos (Radiation/Viral for grineer, Corrosive/Blast for those pesky ancients, or you can go Corrosive and Fire for more overall damage against light units and finally Magnetic/Toxic for the Corpus)

I hope that helps :)


EDIT: if you need help tweaking the builds for less forma or non-catalyst builds feel free to ask

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