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Hall Of Mirros With Quanta Bug ( Heavy Caliber )


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so i've been leveling my quanta today ..after i've added heavy caliber , all of my clones seem to accuracy and shoot in random direction while my frame's aim was steady...not sure if heavy cal makes clones lose accuracy....if frame can shoot without losing accuracy , clones are supposed to do same rite? and the secondary fire explodes as soon as u shoot ...need some clarification 


Primary fire





Secondary fire mode ( alternate ) 



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Does that for flux rifle too, not a bug just a cool disco after effect of negative accuracy. It's actually quite handy as it destroys everything without having to aim at anything in particular. The thing with the secondary however is when using split chamber the cubes tend to detonate off each other as they are fired in such tight proximity.

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Aim problems, damage values and projectiles numbers are often inacurate when someone else is a host.

Torid is indeed 5x more effective when you use hall of mirros, but it becomes insane if someone else hosts, the damage, the projectiles and the aim enables you to cover a much wider area and do way more damage.


Problems like those exist with bows, angstrum, torid, amprex (damage numbers go to 100k and most of your hits are red criticals) so it's no suprise that this weapon behaves the same way.


Hall of mirrors needs to perform the same when you or anyone else is the host.

DE will fix the issue in the future i guess.

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That issue has happened gradually on most weapons, now few weapons, it occurs when the Super Damage bug applies. causing mutishot and scatter if you have heavy calibur, DEs are slowly fixing it, you will notice on bows with spilt chamber and thunderbolt, a similar issue will apply. Keep in mind, this type of issue has been reported a lot on the megathread. 


When Mirage first came out, all weapons did have the issues with hall of mirrors, angstrum use to be a nuclear bomb when fired. Becuase mutiplying missiles scattering in all directons.

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