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Silva Aegis Builds



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Go with the usual: damage, aspd and mix in some elemental of your choice depending on the faction you're against  (Radiation for grineer, Magnetic for corpus and Corrosive for infested). Don't put crits on it by any stretch of imagination.

But despite all that don't get your hopes too high up, the weapon has a subpar fire damage that doesn't mix up too well in those elemental combos, it's basically a nice looking weapon to have in your arsenal.

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Max out its status chance and go for corrosive/blast damage.  60% of the time you're either stripping the enemy of defenses or knocking them on their back so you can use a finisher on them.  I can't tell you how often I combo a 1-2 punch of knocking someone down and jamming my flaming shield into their throat for the kill.

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