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Psa: If You Want Legacy And Non-Legacy At The Same Time:



Save the colors you want from legacy or non legacy in the favorites. That way you can have your favorite legacy/non-legacy mix and match options without any big hassle.

(For people who haven't used favorites yet, save a favorite color by right clicking it, press the star icon to show your favorites!)

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Ah this is much faster than the way I was doing it. Nicely done... now if only the legacy colours were actually the legacy colours >.>


Yeah, they seem even more faded than before, in most cases.


Still, nice find OP. Interesting, because I thought the Legacy filter was client-side only.

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If DE pulls this as a bug I swear.


Every frame looks better for me except my Zephyr. I miss her with her old faded colours.

I would use very obscure colours that aren't seen in the gamma or anything else.


Thank you so much for sharing this!

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