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Energy Color: Suffers In The Level Of Detail


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Hello there


ever since black energy was added, the rest has lost their beautiful level of detail which i think is sad since they were perfect before. 


in order to have black energy color in the game the rest have to suffer.


Before Black energy


After Black energy


these pictures has been taken with exact same settings and its the exact same color.


One can clearly see the difference between those two, the other has a higher level of detail than the other one. i don't know if its possible or not, but it could be nice to have that level of detail back because DE did a great job there. also i rarely see anyone use black energy (it might just be me) so sometimes i think to myself if it really was worth it. also look at this example of how fire looks like:


i know picture is old but look at the fire



and then look how it looks like now







P.S there might be some typo in this as i tend to miss words and such

(also im not sure if this is the right section, so apologies if its wrong)

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I don't generally use black energy, but I do use energy colors that were not possible before. How the old system worked, it maximised the brightness of whatever color you picked. This caused issues with accurately reflecting colors, but allowed an even brightness level for all energy colors, which in turn allowed for higher contrast. Now energy colors can be any brightness, but this is at the cost of contrast (which only affects a few items that have variable energy brightness).

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