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This One's Fun: Raking Flesh Combo Causes All Status Effects 100% Of The Time

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So I was doing the basic mission running, leveling a Dual Ether I made last night. I like dual swords, and I like the Swirling Tiger stance.


As I go to start it off, something bizarre happens: I pull off the Raking Flesh combo, and the target explodes violently, ragdolling several meters in a random direction, and is riddled with every status condition in the game.


I could reproduce this fully by repeating the Raking Flesh combo, time and time again, seemed like a 100% chance, the target would explode and land somewhere afflicted by every known status combo and no doubt having one ludicrous day.


Screenshot: https://www.dropbox.com/s/asohm2fa5k1zd8g/2014-07-31_00001.jpg


The Dual Ether is only rank 5, The only mods I have on it are Swirling Tiger and Fury, I hadn't gotten the ability to load it with that much status, even if such a thing were possible.


Happened across two missions, a Tower 2 Capture and a Tower 3 Capture. Didn't see if Dual Zoren would achieve the same result, but I figure it probably would, and y'all should know about this anyway.

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