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Forgive Me Team : (


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I just have to said what how epic fail I just did


at about 20+ wave of Orokin Void Defense mission when we were pew pewing enemies in all ****** directions I got the idea to use the big one death-star laser toy!!! I can of genius & I know it!!!


by accident I killed EVERYONE when I pressed the button - "ooops, sorry team", but I wanted to fix that and instantly I went asap to revive one of my friends...


I forgot that laser will go back again... and boom, I made a suicide : (


We lost the game


F***, shame on me, I will never ever use that toy again : D


(at least everyone laughed so hard...)


Yeah n1 cares about wrong-timed lasers...




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This reminds me of the scene from The Amazing Spider-Man when he's on the train and he beats the crap out of everyone on accident and the whole time he's saying "I'm sorry, so sorry", except, to adapt to this situation, he knocks himself out at the end instead of leaving the train.

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