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Weapon Improvements By "upgread"


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Just like the Nikana i tink more weapons should be given an improvement or upgread by making it better with materials, this would not only make low level weapons meaningfull again but give high rank players a rason to go back and check them out, all weapons should have some improvement of some kind, this is a small list of ideas to make a few examples:


Tigris improves to Cerberus.-

                                                 By adding a third cannon the tigris becomes even more deadly, it still retains its full burst shooting metod but with an aditional bullet wich by itself adds a nice damage bonus, it also gains a V polarity in the improvement


MK Braton to Braton to Tenno braton.-

                                                              First weapon (wich also should function as a tutorial for weapon improvement) as the standar weapon for most new players with the small reliable and low cost new players will have a reliable gun to get acostumed to the game, it will have small meaningfull improvements that altought will make it useless in the long run will still be also better


MK 1 Strun - Strun - Tenno strum.-

                                                        Like the Braton but introducing players to the use of shootguns




Orthos - Fierce Orthos.-

                                        Orthos prime would be the gneral choice, still the parts are somewhat rare and if you are like me (who chose the orthos as your very frst melee weapon) will have a special place for it, it will be somewhat easier to make adding a general buff (not as good as the prime but somewhat close), adding some minor visual improvements (like slightly more cerrated edges and little details)


Glaive/Glaive Prime - Dual Glaive.-

                                                        Im pretty sure im not the only one who has wished to be able to wield dual glaives, aside from increasing the DPS in close combat you would have a double charge trow atack (mind be carefull with the new double explotion)


In general i tink many more weapons should have improvements, would make as i said old ones get a new spot and usefullness aside from just being there making dust, add your ideas

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I would seriously like to see this because I've grown to enjoy the mechanics and looks of the Braton series of rifles enough that I really do wish that it will have enough performance to prove useful in the end-game. Heck, if someone could improve the Braton Prime or create another type of Braton that is similar in power levels to the Prime it would be awesome.

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