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Looking For Slim Build Kubrow Imprints

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I'll be looking for two imprints of the same Kubrow, so please do not only offer one. Breed and gender are not of very much import to me, although body type very much so is. Please post images of your Kubrow's bellow, If I'm interested I'll will let you know so we can discuss pricing further. 




MUST BE A Slim Build 




Desired Base Color(s):






Black, white or Blue eyes would be considered a bonus! Other colors would not be considered deal breakers!


Here are some examples of different Kubrow's I've really liked the coloring's of:


REALLY Love this one:









I can offer either Plat, other Imprints or a mixture of the two. (Try not to go over board with your asking price though, please and thank you!)


Thank you very much for your time!


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@KiraReitsu: Sorry just not the color and body type I'm looking for right now :(
@jennibear: Not quite  the colors I'm looking for right now, thank you though 


well, i would sell you Juanissimo if i still had him!! lol he is the one laying down in your OP =)


oh well, good luck =)

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