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Swirling Tiger Mega-Combo


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This may not work each and every time, but the pause combo in the Swirling Tigers Stance offers the best combo in the game if it works properly. I really didn't want DE to find this one but this has to be one of the funniest and epic bugs I've ever seen. I've had my fair share of laughs so I thought that some people might want to check this out before they fix this. (I'll keep it a surprise, its extremely funny when it happens)


Gear I used (Just in case it's relevant) 

- Nekros

- Lanka

- Castanas

- Dual Heat swords w/ Swirling Tiger Modded for heat damage and attack speed

- Shade w/ Sweeper


(Play-tested and found it works roughly 50% of the time on the 4th strike of the combo)

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You have no idea. Put that stance on the Dual Ichors, mod for speed, crits and slap on Berserker. You basically become a blender, putting on Spoiled Strike doesn't even slow you down that much either.


Edit: Tenno'd. I remember my friend showed me that bug...

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