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Getting Back Into Warframe



Haven't been here for a bit, (one or two months) and I see update 14: Ships, Kubrow, things, excitement and I don't know when any of this is coming out for PS4. Also, did they ever fix any of the Shield Flux glitches? Any Mastery Rank changes since Update 13 A.K.A Melee 2.0? 


I'm not just searching through simply because all of the information I'm looking for is probably buried away in grievances of the new update. That and PS4 Hype Trains and Xbone Hype Copters. I also heard about that. Xbox One is getting warframe. Who'd of thunk? I wonder if it'll be cross platform playing. PS4 and Xbone on the same servers and what not. It's not like we'd have an advantage over them or vice versa besides being leveled. 

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