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Update 5.3 - "Blazing Embers"


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Update 5.3 - "Blazing Embers"

As work continues on the new location set, we are bringing you another fun-filled update! This update features a rework of Ember's appearance and abilities and an option to upgrade weapon trees with a crafted item. We have also crammed in fixes and balance changes based on the fabulous and passionate feedback of our players!


Ember powers reworked:

Overheat moved to second ability, acts as a shield and radial damage power.

Fireball is now properly attached to the target and doing damage over time.

World on Fire has been boosted: it now cycles through nearby targets to immolate!

Warframe Blueprints for Excalibur, Volt and Loki.

Weapon Blueprints for Afuris and Bolto.

More mid-mission surprise change-ups.

More localization updates from our amazing volunteers!

Pro system dropped, new Super-Charge requires an item to be installed.

Items can be purchased with Platinum (same cost as before) or built in the Foundry.

Users with Pro items will have this automatically installed for them.

More Blueprint rewards added to Alerts including Orokin Reactors and Catalysts used to Super-Charge Warframes and weapons.


Ember model has had a revamp on its mesh and materials.

Balancing changed for Energy Siphon cards, Mods with shield, energy, and health bonuses will be additive for more sane stacking.

Small improvements to stat displays for upgrades and projectile-based weapons.

Settings improvements for mouse sensitivity, brightness, contrast and UPnP.

Alerts only require node unlock vs. region. Faster UI response to new Alerts.

Improvements to selling UI to reduce accidental selling of important items.

Balance changes to Mod resale and rarity.

Infested Disruptor color effects toned down.

Balance changes to Boss scaling with four players.

Reduced frequency of mission key wrinkle.

Players are now prompted before removing a friend.


Fixed Matchmaking problems related to overzealous filtering.

Expanded Matchmaking search to include nearby regions if no games found.

Fixed duplicate Artifact cards taking up space on interface.

Fixed pass-key loss when a player leaves the session while holding it.

VOIP fixes for Contacts list.

Fixed hangs related to slow UPnP updates.

Fixed join session from Contacts.

Several crashes in DirectX11, Physics, Networking, Input and Updating code.

Fixed a few cases of players exiting the level and falling into space.

Fixed Datamass loss after extended period of time.

Mod effects show up properly on Dual Skanas and Furax.

Fixed loss of Mastery when selling an item.

Equipped consumables are no longer deleted when spending a revive.

Fixed Bolto and powers inflating player weapon accuracy.

Fixed controller vibration not toggling off.

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It keeps saying " waiting for players" i have waited so long and there was no player appeared.

In most cases that just means that no players have appeared.

:o I had an Dark Dagger ready to Claim on Foundry but then update 5.3 removed it and also my mats just wont show up on the Material List by Foundry oO'

My materials are gone from the Foundry too. They appear fine in the Arsenal.

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I too have lost my Dark Dagger in the Foundry and my mod shields on my Loki warframe isn't working right. I put on two mod shields on Loki and I am getting only half of it. I am suppose to have around 531 shields and now it's dropped to 299. Also the items on the Foundry are no where to be found. Please fix this.

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