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Just Downloaded Warframe Today But There Is No Sound


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Here is a list of what I have done

-Just downloaded the game today (8/1/2014)  and I don't hear anything

-Checked my options and everything is at max volume

-Messed around with the sliders, decreasing and increasing the volume then confirming but still no sound

-Reset my computer and I clicked the defrag button in Warframe but I still cant hear any sound.

-Every other game on steam works fine, I can hear videos on my computer and all that

-It's a brand new computer maybe 6 months old at the most


Is this a new bug that I can't fix and have to wait till the next update?

Is there a way I can fix this?

All help will be appreciated! 


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This should probably be in players-helping-players

What output device have you set, if your windows has several playback devices make sure that the same device is put as default in warframe, it can be good to select it and not have default device since this has caused extra problems especially with USB headsets.

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