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Fix Rare Resource Drop Rates


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It's ridiculous how much rare resources hardly drop at all, especially Orokin Cells. I get more rare mods than I do rare resources. Even the stupid Distilling Extractors hardly work, so fix those too.

Oh and the 24 hour build time for Forma needs to be reduced to 12 hours.

Another thing, if you're gonna put rare resources for rewards in alert missions then put at least 10 of them, not 1!

Finally why don't you guys put Orokin Catalysts and Orokin Reactors as rewards in T4 missions.

I know you guys love RNG to death but get over it, it's killing the game. All you are gonna end up doing is driving gamers away. Plus with new games being released, no one is gonna be sticking around playing this headache of a game.

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I play Draco on Ceres alot to get t4 keys and i get an average of 2 orokin cells per run so they really arn't that rare, but yes the distilling extractors need some love, i put one on jupiter 2 weeks ago to try to get neural sensors and haven't gotten any so far. I also agree the forma build time is too long considering i have over 60 of them thats 2 months for non-stop forma building so i would like to see the time reduced or the ability to build multiples at a time. I think the resorces in alerts should be bumped up to a pack of 5 like in t4 with packs of 5 fusion cores. I also agree they should add calalysts and reactors to the t4 drop tables, i mean you can get a forma from t2 an t3 and they cost the same in the market. Overall some good suggestions

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I don't think the drop rates for the resources are bad. I have around 130 Orokin Cells even after building every Prime weapon / frame in the game. The most I've got in 1 game was 14 in ODD when there was the community double resource drop. But yea, ODDs where I go to rank up stuff and fam OCs. 


I disagree with putting Catalysts and Reactors in T4. When I just started playing I bought plat to buy some of these, and now I don't have to. DE needs money too. RNG isn't killing the game...RNG IS THE GAME. 


It's a grind, and it' meant to be a grind. It makes getting what you're looking for more rewarding... BUT there are sometimes that it feels like crap to play 4-5 hours and not get what you want. 


The things you're looking for, cells, catalysts, and reactors, you CAN get with money / plat...so yea. Either grind, or buy. 

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