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Ended - Kubrow Auction, The Black Den - Black Kubrows

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CLOSED ty all!



Hello Today i am starting my Black Kubrow Den Auction!


My Previous Finished Auctions (Rep):




Auction ends at 4/08/2014 11:00pm GMT+1 unless buyout is met.


Prices are for however many imprints are available


x2 available
Shadey Huras
Fur: Black and Brown/orange (looks orange in some light brown in others)
Pattern: clear striped pattern on head, body and back legs.
Gender: Male
Eyes: Black
start: 70p
Buyout: 150p
Current Bid: 




x1 available
Prideful Sunika
Fur: Black, White and Blue
Pattern: Zebra striped legs, X-Splodge Face, blue head and neck with white outline
Gender: Male
Eyes: Green
start: 40p
Buyout: 100p (reduced because of 1 imprint)
Current Bid: 




x2 available
Serious Unkown
Fur: Black, White and Cream
Pattern: Cream socks, white line on back and neck
Gender: Female
Eyes: Black
start: 30p
Buyout: 150p (reduced because of unkown)
Current Bid: 

SOLD - LoyalFangs


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