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Kubrow Build Comparison


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Hello DE,

              As a "founder" and a long time player of the game I wanted to write up some ideas/feedback I have about the current Kubrow implementation. I should mention that overall I think pets are a good addition to the game, however the current implementation leaves a player little reason to use a Kubrow. I will use the other "pet" AKA sentinel as a reference point of a current game mechanic and a source of comparison.



The current method to obtain a kubrow is:


1. You need to kill Jackal on Venus to get the quest and then accept the mission
2. Do the mission that is marked on your solar map
3. Buy the energy core from the market and build it in the foundry
4. Go to Earth  and destroy  the Kubrow Dens for the rare chance they drop an egg OR buy it from the market
5. Obtain imprints to get the actual type you want (optional step)
6. Go to your ship to build the kubrow and wait 2 days for it to hatch (unless rushed)
7. Wait for two additional login cycles for it to mature
Build cost (time/credits):
Note: this EXCLUDES step 4 time which can easily take hours/days.
Power Core (150k  + 8 hours)
Kubrow Incubation (48 hours)
Kubrow Maturation ~(48 hours)
104 Hours and 150K
Buy Cost:
60 plat with ~48 hours wait
The current method to obtain a sentinel:
1. Buy the blueprint from the market OR buy from the market for plat (no wait time and skip steps 2 and 3)
2. Build it from fairly common resources (control modules are common in void missions now) 
3. Wait 24 hours
Total build cost (time/credits):
115k credits and 24 hours
Total buy cost:
75 plat with no wait
For 15 more plat and two days less wait time I can have a sentinel immediately which seems like too little platinum difference in time. The wait time for a kubrow to mature should be either rushable via platinum (15) OR reduced to a shorter time ~8 hours.
Kubrows take an insanely longer time to build and farm. We're talking almost an entire week vs 1 day and have a 23% percent higher cost. Either this cost should be DRAMATICALLY reduced and/or the time to build/mature should be reduced. A power core should practically be free: ~ 30 minutes build and ~15k credits.
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The reason for all this waiting and forcing you to take care of your Kubrow I think is

because they wanted the game to feel more immersive sadly this system is just extremely annoying.

Also for balance, kubrows are quite clearly stronger than sentinels by a long shot.

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Also for balance, kubrows are quite clearly stronger than sentinels by a long shot.

They only have melee attacks, which is troublesome, and their pathfinding issues can make this really annoying. Not to mention they actually don't have a higher DPS/utility with elements than say a correctly modded Sweeper (that you can put on any Sentinel too). They do have (much) more health and shield, but since Sentinels are not nearly as often targets of enemy attacks (mostly AOE attacks), it's not really an advantage, more a necessity.


Don't get me wrong, I love my kubrows, they just can't keep up utility (Sahasa/Raksa maybe?) and maintenance wise. They're a luxury. But maybe this was intended from the start, just not clearly stated.

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