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A Day On The Beach.


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Imagine youre walking on earth going trough the forest until you turn around and saw sand and water with a beutifull view.


Mayby even have a grineer/corpus underwater base with diffrent mechanics (F.I. if youre underwater you can shoot out a cracked window like in the space ships but in this case its water that doesnt drown you but will allow large dangerous fish/shark-like things that kill everything in the room (except hydroid) and when you hack a console the water wont instantly vanish but it will take a couple of seconds to get drained away after wich the fish can be easily killed for new special kubrow elemental  mods) 


it always bugged me why there are no beaches on earth or why the grineer dindt try to build outposts on them considering that the FOREST was the only thing from (re)colonizing earth. and there arent alot of forests on beaches and the ENTIRE world cant be just swamp-like terrain right?


idk if this is the right place for this but if not im pretty sure a sunika can guide this topic to the beach right section.


p.s. if somebody would be nice to whip up some art for this idea it will be appreciated i mean i would do it myself but i dont know how to draw. 


EDIT: i feel beaches are underated considering everybody ingores this threat

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