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Strange Activity When Mission Was Completed.


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See, I was doing my usual farming General Sargus Ruk for the Orokin Cells, the mission went on like usual, aside that I forgot to put on Rhino, while playing more like Rhino, so went down once, but meh.


When I went to Extraction, this odd thing happened. . . While the screen was loading up the results, and was done, the screen went black as usual, but was still playing the Grineer ships music. Odd, so I started pressing buttons, and I got some feedback. I was firing and slashing, but the screen was black.


All of a sudden I spawn, at the beginning of the level, downed. I pressed revive, and that worked fine. . . I just couldn't see my health and shields, my power bar, or my ammo/currently selected weapon, nor a map, simply, the interface.

So I went trough the level, and all of the enemies were frozen in time, so to speak. Could still be damaged and killed, though some didn't start to ragdoll once killed and could still be hit. Otherwise, they didn't react at all.


Once I got to the end of the stage, the ship I used was gone, so atleast the game must have registered it. I try to press Abort Mission, since, heck, I couldn't get out otherwise.


"Mission could not be aborted because it has already been completed".


So that's the end of that. I shut the game down from my desktop, and thought I report this, if it's any help. I did take some pictures of it, not that I know how to post images on a forum, but they more or less just explain what I just did.


So happy day to you all and good day sir.

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Heh, once upon a time i tried to join a conflict on Sechura, I failed miserably and then i tried to pay the visit to Kela de Thaym, all of sudden a conflict tile set appeared, i also took some pictures. These bugs are really common.

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