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Lotus Rare Unique Black+Orange V-Striped Raksa Pup For Auction - Closed And Remade

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Hello all, today i am starting the auction both of the imprints for an extremely beautiful kubrow; simply see for yourself:





I understand many will want to wait for him to be matured so the auction will finish is four day on 5st august 11:30pm GMT+1 or if buyout is met.


Type: Raksa

Gender: Female

Eyes: Orange to match!

You are bidding on both imprints.

Minimum bid increment is 50p.


Starting Price: 300p


Buyout Price 800p

Once matured if muscle type is bulky buyout will INCREASE to 1000p unless already bought out 


Buyout Reserve (1000p is bulky)

1st B1llionaire

2nd Praedum



Current Bid:

300p - magryl



My Previous Finished Auctions (Rep):




My Current Auctions:


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