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Enemy Concept-Corpus Grouses/infested Meatolist Grouses[Concept Art]


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Throwing around the concept of a Corpus Counter-part to the Shield Lancer and a beefier but slower variant of the Charger.



Health: Grouse would have around double that of the MOA. The Grouse comes with this Proto-Shield that helps defend its front side and allies taking cover behind it. Meatolist is double that of the charger

Movement: Both of them move at a slow pace.

Damage: The Grouse has a gun similar to the normal MOA and the Meatolist has big claws that do a little more damage than a Charger.

Reason for Idea: Beefy units for Corpus and Infested. Plus they're crabs.



Other Concepts:

Collection of a ton of Concepts


Redesigned Grineer Heavies


Infested Centipede Miniboss


Infested Bloated Osprey



Feedback is appreciated!

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