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Waypoint System Suggestions!

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Here are my suggestions for the potential waypoint system expansion. Feel free to comment on them and post your own ideas!




#1: Waypoint type selection.


I suggest doing something similar to the gear wheel (default Q key). It could be bound to the default G key, and would pop up only after holding it down for 0.3 seconds. Tapping it would use the same waypoint it does now, which marks places, modules, enemies etc.



#2: Placing waypoints on self.


There are moments in the game that make you want to be noticed. An ability to mark yourself would really be useful, and could be achieved by right-clicking waypoints in the waypoint selection wheel.


Self-marking would only work with certain waypoints (e.g. "I need a medic") which should also be distinguishable from regular ones. Giving them a green tint or a thick outline in the selection wheel might be a good idea.


Self-placeable waypoints will be marked with an (S) in the 5th point of the post below.



#3: Revised module marking.


There is no harm done if we mark the wrong mod when there are two of them right next to each other. It shouldn't be required to target the mod with your crosshair to set the marker. It could be more user-friendly if we could mark modules with their specific waypoints just by clicking near them.


Another idea is to let players know what mod was marked. It could display the mod's name when the waypoint is targeted with the crosshair.



#4: Waypoint paths.


Ever played Dead Space? The waypoint paths displayed there are a brilliant idea and I suggest using something similar.

The path to the marker could be displayed as a thin line of light leading to it OR as an arrow pointing in the right direction.




#5: Different kinds of waypoints.

The "Go here" or "Regroup here" waypoint mentioned in the recent devstream would really be useful. Current waypoints create confusion, and ofter require players to say what they marked in the chat. Other suggestions:

- "I need health" (S) - This particular waypoint shouldn't be limited to self-marking. Often in the missions you meet new players that are not quite familiar with the gameplay yet, you may let the team know the marker player cannot take as much damage as others. This marker could also display the remaining health/shields of the marked person (both numbers and a lifebar) when targeted with the crosshair, since this information is useful for Trinity and Oberon players.


- "Wait up" (S) - Not every player is a rusher. If somebody gets stopped by heavy enemy resistance or is simply lacking in speed, this would let other squad members know they went too far forward, or let Volt and Nova players know somebody is in need of a speed buff / shortcut.


- "Defend this position" - Sometimes it's hard to distinguish which terminal is meant to be defended in Mobile Defence missions. This little guy may help.


- "Stealth take-out" - Used to mark enemies that are meant to be taken out without players getting noticed. Could be useful in Rescue 2.0 missions to mark the Wardens.


- "Trap" - Used to mark traps in the Void (pressure plates, box traps, etc.), cameras, magnetic grid doors, arc traps and so on.




I will be adding more suggestions to this post and credit anybody who comes up with them. I'll do my best to keep the list updated. Do your best too, Tenno!

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