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[Bug] [Progression Halt] User Gets Stuck Hitting Escape Key During Failed Rescue Mission


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Repro) Unknown (performed this bug only once)


Setup) XP x64 Pro with 8GB DDR2 and ATI 4650 graphics card


Location) Rescue Mission Uranus Caliban





1) Start mission


2) Free hostage


3) have hostage die (while lotus is saying the hostage has died, spam the escape key)


Result) Mission is failed but user is still in the mission and can't complete or leave the mission (selecting abort mission just tells the user they already have aborted the mission).


Expected Result) For the stage to be failed and the user sent to the main menu whether or not they are in the ESC menus.


Notes) I tried this on Defense missions and it never occurred so I think it's isolated just to Rescue missions. I pressed the ESC key three times while lotus was informing me of mission failure. I'm not exactly sure at what point the bug is trigger-able but it's at some point after lotus starts talking again.

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