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Dark Sector Queue Locks Ui


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These have been persistent since U14 was introduced:

1) Queue for conflict defense and get "No Opponents" message. Cancel mission and wait. When requeuing for any dark sector the UI hangs clicking "Accept" and never transitions to "Finding Squad", but the rest of the UI works properly. This bug happens intermittently but more often than not. Fixed by relogging.

2) Queue for conflict defense and get "No Opponents" message + "Please wait" message simultaneously, with "No Opponents" in front. Closing the "No Opponents" dialog freezes the UI completely at "Please wait". Fixed with complete shutdown and restart.

3) Queue for conflict and get "Please Wait" message which quickly dissapears and returns to "Finding Squad" and hangs indefinitely. If "Finding Players" is cancelled, the game cannot requeue for dark sectors. Fixed with relog.

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