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Less Sun Inside The Ship


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Hi there.


I play on "omg-old-pc" settings, the low of the low, only color correction on, so it might be different on other specs than on mine.


Anyways, when I am on the ship, I try to look at the planets and their art and the ships moving... but than.. the sun blinds me!


Most of the planets have the sun behind at the screens - I think Earth not. So when you look at them, you end looking at the sun, and the light is kinda blinding.


My idea would be an option/setting/reduction of the sun while inside the ship,




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Yeah it is to bright we need blast doors like this: the ship on Independence day. If we had a close able cockpit canopy, I would close mines all the time.


Edit: I love the ship sun light! But like I said "I would love to have the option of closing my canopy with blast doors."

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