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Clearly you haven't played on ps4 that happens all the time. It happened to me on so many occasions I couldn't even begin to list them all.

Strange. The only time I've ever been logged off was because the servers were down. I've frozen twice, both times because the person I was connected to had terrible internet. The games never exited on me, and I've never had any PS4 blue screens, else I'd have probably pee'd my pants. 


Unless you're talking about the frame rate drops. That happens to EVERYONE.  ALL OF THE TIME. That should be new to no one. 

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Here's the problem with that statement: Excal Prime was not an exclusive AT THE TIME. When it was released, there was no other platform. DE was not sitting around saying "Let's not give this to PS4." because at that time Warframe was PC only. Next thing is, the game is free to play, and it's easy to run on most computers, if people want the PC stuff that badly, they can download the game on PC for no charge. Now the way I see it, if someone has a PS4, it's pretty likely they own a decent PC, considering you can build a functioning PC on the same budget as a PS4. 

Due to the fact that there wasn't a PS4 at the time that this event started and due to the fact that it wasn't meant to be a exclusive for the PC. We should have availability to Excal Prime, Lato Prime and Skana Prime. Not just for PS4 but for all platforms as intend. Cosmetic exclusivity would be good. But for Warframes and a some weapons which have been enclosed would become an issue for any of us Warframe lovers. For instance what would happen if we got the Nekros Prime, Soma Prime and Carrier Prime in a bundle and you couldn't participate due to the fact you didn't have a console?

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