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Colored Player Markers On Map


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I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this but since I couldn't find anything after several searches, I'm going to post the idea.


What I propose is simple. Change the color of each player's map marker to match their energy color. This would help to distinguish who is who without having to actually look around for each squad member. Even if their energy color was black it would still be fairly visible.


The option to choose from various different individual map markers would also be advantageous. That way everyone isn't just a different colored lotus flower.


Now, the only slight flaw that I can see with this is that it might be confusing if someone's energy color and other colors don't match. For example, if an all grey rhino has black as his energy color. And I feel that the use of their abilities would help to nullify this but certain frames don't release much energy when their abilities are used.


To that end I suggest everyone give one of my other suggestions a read.




With Dynamic Aura Mods, distinguishing your squadmates would be nigh instantaneous if you have the option to match energy colors to your aura toggled on.


(If this doesn't get much feedback I'll be posting it again either tomorrow or Monday)

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I was repeating this exact suggestion during Prime Time... but I forgot that I wasn't connected to twitch by facebook yet. Yay me.


At any rate, I think it would be simple to have the marker resemble the player's choice of primary color rather, but the aura idea is also suitable to the same end.


In addition I would also say to match kubrow markers with the player's choice color.



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Yeah, I realize that primary color markers would be more simplistic to add but I feel like certain Warframe are more memorable for their energy color. I.e. Ember Prime, Nyx, Nekros, etc.

And honestly without the dynamic aura implementation I don't even think this idea would work as well. But if both were pushed through to the game, it would make for a much more aesthetic and immersive experience :)

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