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[Warframe Concept] Kronos (Another Time-Based Frame)


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Name: Kronos - Father of Time

Role: Support/Defense

Stats: Health: 100 (300 at rank 30)

Power: 100 (175 at rank 30)

Armor: 200

Shield Capacity: 150 (450.0 at rank 30)

Sprint Speed: 1.0

Stamina: 100

Polarities: 4=, 1D

Aura Polarity: V


Weapon: Reaper (Scythe, weaker version of the reaper prime)

Physical Damage: 55.0 (Impact: 9.0, Puncture: 9.0, Slash: 37.0)

Cleave Radius 0.2 meters

Crit Chance: 10.0%

Crit Damage: 150.0%

Attack Rate: 1.1 atks/sec

Status Chance: 10%

Stamina: 12.0

Jump Attack Damage: 100.0

Slam Attack Damage: 25.0

Radius: 5.0 meters

Slide Attack Damage: 100.0

Wall Attack Damage: 100.0

Conclave Rating: 40

Stagger: Yes

Polarities: None

Stance Polarity: -



-Time Warp: Kronos removes himself from the timeline, appearing instantly at another location. Energy Cost: 25, Max Range: 40m/50m/60m/70m


-Time Bomb: Kronos slips through time, appearing behind an enemy and turning them into a walking stasis bomb before returning to his previous position. Enemies caught in the resulting explosion are frozen in time for a short duration. Energy Cost: 25, Explosion radius: 5m/6m/7m/8m, Duration: 4/5/6/7.5


-Deteriorate: Kronos sends forth a wave of energy that alters time, aggressively aging all those who remain in its path. Energy Cost: 50, Damage: Decreases max health  1%/1.5%/2%/2.5%  every second, Duration: 10/15/17/20, Width: 5m/6.25m/7.5m/8.75m, Length: 10m/12.5m/15m/17.5m (Thanks to Rexlars for the idea)


-Hands of Time: Kronos increases the casting speed for all abilities, improves the fire rate, reload speed, and charge speed of all allied weapons, while negatively affecting enemy weapon fire rate, reload speed and charge speed. Energy Cost: 75, Duration: 8/10/12/15, Speed Modifiers: ±10%/±15%/±20%/±30%, Range: 15m/20m/25m/30m


-Rewind: Kronos turns back the time for all damage, energy use, and debuffs applied to allies. Rewind can be used to auto-revive nearby downed Tenno, but cannot be used on the dead. Energy Cost: 75, Restore Timepoint: -3s/-5s/-7s/-10s, Auto-Revive Radius: 5m/7m/9m/11m Because coding.


-Temporal Instability: Kronos rips open space-time, unleashing a blast of energy and creating a stasis field around him. The stasis field immobilizes and damages any enemy within the initial blast radius, as well as slowing and damaging any that enter afterwards. Energy Cost: 100, Duration: 8/10/12/15, Slow: 15%/20%/25%/30%, Range: 6m/7m/8m/10m, Burst Damage: 100/200/40/800, Sustained Damage: 50/s (Yes, this is supposed to be similar to a more powerful Bastille and/or Snow Globe)


EDIT: Fixed Ultimate, because it was ridiculously OP, mostly because I can't math...also adjusted some other values. Scratched Rewind, as sournote103 on reddit pointed out, it would be damn near impossible to code. Also, ditched the teleport, it was a gimmick anyway

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This is definitely a support frame. 


Overall, seems pretty cool. I'd change the "Time Warp" power, however. We already have 2 teleport powers, albeit those 2 needing targets.


Maybe do something like: 


Degrade/Millennia/Accelerate/Deteriorate: Kronos sends forth a wave of energy that alters time, aggressively aging all those caught in its path. 

Energy Cost: 50, Max Range: 40/50/60/70m, 60 degree cone AOE


Possibly make it a melee power or a power that effects all of your weapons:


Degrade/Millennia/Accelerate/Deteriorate: Kronos imbues his weapon with the powers of time, aggressively aging any target he attacks, whether it be melee or with bullets. It can be toggled on & off at will. [i suppose this would essentially make it an extra damage type] 

Energy Cost: 5/10 per hit 


Personally, I like the idea of it being strictly melee. I don't mind the teleport power either, but changed it for the sake of variety. 

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