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Some Animation Discrepancies: Nekros, Mirage, And Kubrow


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Good day~!


I wanted to report some weird animations. These screenshots are taken in the past few days.


Nekros's Middle Finger

tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o1_1280.jpg When Nekros is equipped with the Noble Animation set, and then holsters his weapons, such as in the player ship or have the codex scanner equipped in the field, the middle finger on his left hand bends sideways. It might be difficult to imagine from this screenshot, but just his middle finger bends sideways over his other fingers, quite odd.


Mirage's Arm

tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o5_1280.jpg When Mirage is equipped with her Noble Animation set and holding a rifle, her idle animation seems to spazz for her arm and it bends up and over.


Kubrow Puppy Bending Over

tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o3_1280.jpg This has happened two or three times but so quickly I do not get the chance to screenshot it. Randomly the puppy kubrow in the incubator will freeze for a second, the his upper body will immediately bend and clip over into his body for a second, before the puppy bends back and slides back into place and continuing a natural panting animation. If you've seen this its obviously quite unnatural.


Kubrow Disappearing Fur

tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o4_1280.jpg Walking over the glass ground in the Jupiter tile set and suddenly the fur on my kubrow was gone. After walking over to the solid metal walkways his fur came back.


Mirage's Twisted Neck

tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o2_1280.jpg When in the player ship as an Agile Animations Mirage, turning her head can easily twist her neck way too skinny. I have noticed that Warframes whose animations poses lead them to turn their body are not taken into consideration in the player ship when your Warframe's head turns where you are looking. For example this also happens with Excalibur's noble stance, since his body is turned a bit to the right, the "center" of his vision is not straight from in front of him and thus if you look to the left his head almost turns over his shoulder unnaturally. As seen here tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o6_r1_1280.jpg


Mirage's Twisted Hips

tumblr_n9ncg7BkET1r25qq1o7_r1_1280.png When in the Noble Animations and holding a single pistol, Mirage leans forward in a way that twists her hips and her spine in an unnatural way.


Thank you for your time!

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Haha yea the Mirage's arm one makes me laugh every time I watch her do it, its like when she is at idle she lets go of her gun with her left arm and puts it in a really uncomfortable position. While the other arm is holding the gun down by her thigh.

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