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Psa : Must Read Liset Mini-Game (Sort Of)


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If this has been shown somewhere else im sorry i havtn seen a thread like this, It just really suprised me.


In the Loading screen you can use your WASD to move the 3D model of the liset around the screen while loading.




I think i need to change my pants...

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I like the mini-map mini-game that comes up after that screen, but before the mission starts in which you can hit "M" to bring up the mini-map and wander (blindly) around the level with only your ideolocator icon to guide you. This only works however if at least one person has a S#&$ty slow internet connection/bad connection to the host. On some levels without doors you can wander away across the whole map though until your patience runs out and you alt-f4 the game.

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