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Mirage + Angstrum Infinite Ammo And Explosions


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I was doing a direlect defence mission with my Mirage earlier... i decided to have a little fun and spam click with my angstrum and to my surprise i saw a rapid fire barrage of explosions.  I tested it and the clones fire before the angstrum itself can charge enough to fire one rocket.  So if you spam the button fast enough with the angstrum you can have infinite explosions with no ammo consumption.  And yes it does do damage.


Edit: i was using 180% multishot so you can imagine how many explosions were happening


Edit 2: In case this matters I was not the host


Edit 3: From what I've been seeing in the responses I'm going to clarify... doing this causes the clip of 3 rockets to never be used at all and a rapid fire barrage of rockets coming from the clones... not infinite ammo in general but never using any ammo in the first place

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I personally have never ran out of ammo, but I agree that this bug is a bit...weird, and probably should be addressed eventually. Not on the top of my priority list, but hey...when there's a few minutes of spare time...

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