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Neurodes Seem Crazy Hard To Get Lately



Tried Cambria on Earth, Xini and other places on Eris, and Derelict defense.

Nothing seems to reliably give neurodes anymore, on derelict alone it took 25+ waves to get 1 neurode, which is awful, and every other place I've had recommended to me has been a waste of time, yielding 0 neurodes for several runs of a mission.

I used to just run Lephantis, but he only rarely drops cells or neurodes anymore, and its just not that efficient per use of key anymore, hell I was literally told the only way to reliably get neurodes anymore was to have nekros desecrate and nothing else, which is really boring.

This is where this game stops being fun, when it starts becoming as much of a hardcore grind as WoW is

Does anyone at all know an actual reliable way to farm neurodes, that will land at least even 1 without needing to do 5-10 runs of a single area.

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As far as I remember orokin cells and neurodes have had a low drop rate compared to other rare resources for quite a while now.


So... I guess there isn't much you can do. RNG.

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Neurodes have been fairly easy to get. I have 25 of them and haven't needed to actually go out of my way to aquire any. Orokin Cells and Neural Sensors are a huge pain to get however...


For Neurodes ODA sounds like a solid place to farm Neurodes. I have also had good luck with Cambria Survival runs, seen quite a few Neurodes.

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I usually try to farm kubrows' eggs, mods and stuff with a nekros and meanwhile you get a decent amount of neurodes. It helps me not to think about how many I find.


^^ This. Don't farm neurodes, or you'll never get them. Go farm Kubro eggs, and you'll probably end up with what you need. I did 4 runs the other day on E Prime, and 3 yielded neurodes.

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