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Willing To Sell Prime Parts & Mods!

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Alright here it is folks! The inventory of what I am selling! Feel free to PM me here or ingame!

(Will strike through / remove items no longer available)


Featured Items:


•Max Serration

•Arcane Vanguard Rhino Helmet


Prime Parts & BP's


•Bo Prime Ornament

•Boar Prime Set (Blueprint, Receiver, Barrel, Stock)

•Boltor Prime Receiver & Stock

•Braton Prime Blueprint & Barrel

•Bronco Prime Blueprint & Barrel

•Burston Prime Barrel, Stock, & Receiver

•Dakra Prime Handle

•Ember Prime Chassis & Helm

•Fang Prime Blueprint & Blades

•Frost Prime Chassis, Helm, & Systems

•Glaive Prime Blueprint & Disc

•Latron Prime Barrel & Receiver

•Lex Prime Barrel

•Mag Prime Blueprint, Chassis, & Helmet

•Orthos Prime Blueprint & Blade

•Rhino Prime Chassis & System

•Sicarus Prime Barrel




(Rare mods)

•Accelerated Blast

•Barrel Diffusion



•Blind Rage

•Coiling Viper

•Cleaving Whirlwind

•Coolant Leak

•Corrupt Charge

•Critical Delay

•Fired up



•Heavy Trauma

•Hollow Point


•Ice Storm


•Lethal Torrent

•Metal Auger

•Natural Talent

•Pistol Pestilence

•Power Throw

•Quick Thinking



•Reflex Guard

•Rending Strike


•Split Chamber

•Spoiled Strike


•Steady Hands


•Stunning Speed

•Tainted Clip

•Tainted Mag


•Undying Will


•Vile Precision 

•Virulent Scourge

•Vital Sense






•Contagious Spread

•Energy Siphon

•Pathogen Rounds

•Sprint Boost

•Steel Charge

•Sundering Weave

•Swirling Tiger


•Pack Leader

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