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Volt Players: Which Syandana Do You Use?



Recently I acquired my Volt, and upon leveling him a bit, I thought I might use him a main Warframe from now on, which means he needs a bit of glamour to make the cut and enter the elite ranks of my most fashionable frames. After selecting him a set of armour, choosing his colours, and realizing he fortunately comes with pre-built high heels, I got to the part about selecting an appropriate Syandana, I noticed a lot of the Syandanas clip through Volt's butt-blades. (The things that look like daggers that are glued to his backside.)


What Syandanas do you guys use on yours? Is the clipping as bad when you're in-game and running around? ...More importantly, why are the butt-blades there?



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I guess you didn't buffed Volt with formas yet (Volt is my main since U7 as I remember), so keep in mind that even vs Corpus your strongest skill will not deal (almost) any damage. When I am playing T4 defense missions after 20-25 wave I just spam with 4 (it costs me 75 from 350 energy pool) just to proc the stun (and that is true purpose of using that skill after 25th wave). Did I mention Jesus stance? Always find some cover like wall be4 using that skill


I also removed (used forma) on skill which creates a shield (it's cool, but useless against swarm )


Speed is one of the best skill in this game, i love it so much... maybe the best skill in this game, it gives so fun and you can do some acrobatic jumps over 70 meters (no kidding, just find the right moment to jump when gliding and use sword in air - rocket Volt). Speed also increases your melee attack speed ;)


You basic lighting skill is just ok


Cons of Volt is that you are being very weak with progress of enemy level, you are not a tank (honestly you are squishy), and you need strong weapon to stay alive. Always keep energy for 3+ usage of Overload


Don't know about avalibe Syadana right now, but remember that you are Darth Vader in Warframe world...

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Uru and Pyra are probably the two best looking syndana's on him. I personally run the Pyra more often but I have both and Ill occasionally switch it up. Neither one has any clipping that Ive ever noticed either.

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