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Importend Take A Look Maybe We Can Have It


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hello DE and games i love this game to much but i want to have 1 thing in it sometimes when you Hosting a Tower key i go to recuiting and i go ask for people like H T4 Survival (Above rank 7) Pm for invite) but then i get many people who want to join i invite them but then i see someone with a rank 1 loki lvl 3  and someone  with a rank 5 and i dont want them to i need to go rehost my key and maybe lose the people who has the good rank is it a option to give host a kick option before the game begins and you see as host i dont want him in my tower key want a higher one then the host and only the host can kick him before the game begins i hope this will be a option and come soon 


and hope that people whould like this to greaatzzzz


if you would like this put a post under this with I LIKE 

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